Advanced Playwriting

Advanced Playwriting

FEB 14 – MAR 21

Tuesdays, February 14 through March 21
6:45–9:15 p.m. ET

Instructor: Jack Novak
Prior experience: Not required

Develop your playwriting skills further with advanced exercises exploring dramatic structure, subtext, stage directions, and more. Expand beyond basic playwriting skills with focused writing assignments under the guidance of local playwright Jack Novak

Essential Question: How do we explore and employ the full breadth of potential in dramatic writing to create deeper, compelling works of contemporary theater?

Course Objectives: Participants will explore nuances of dramatic writing such as style, form, rhythm, and theatrical magic to broaden their tools as dramatists.

Course Outcomes: Participants will be able to write plays with a broader awareness of what is possible in theater, matching form and style to content.

Key Knowledge & Skills: Developing character; writing dialogue; play formatting; dramaturging; script analysis; dramatic structure; revision.

Enduring Understandings: The role of the playwright; working in the art form of live theatre.

From the Syllabus:

Week One: Introductions and initial exploration of the theatrical “dials”

Week Two: Developing character through exploratory writing & expressionism

Week Three: Experimenting with minimalism—what is essential?

Week Four: Exploring magical realism, constructing a theatrical world with rules

Week Five: Breaking out of theatrical conventions

Week Six: Crafting nonlinear drama/unconventional structure

Jack Novak is an actor, playwright, and improviser. He has been seen onstage at Imagination Stage, the Folger, Prologue Theatre, Chesapeake Shakespeare Theatre, We Happy Few, and Faction of Fools (where he is a company member) among many others. His plays include This Historic Night (2018 Capital Fringe Festival), Transferal (Workshop & reading, Rorschach Theatre), Journeying Jack (Winner, Aurand Harris Memorial Playwriting Award), and The Great Lt. Sprinkle Didn’t Save Me (Field Trip Theatre). He performs regularly with his improv duo, Husbands of Wives, and directs and performs with the TYA improv group NitWITs.

Tickets and Schedule

Dates     February 14 – March 21