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Theatre Etiquette

Above all, it is important to remember that the actors on stage can see and hear
you at the same time you can see and hear them. Be respectful of the actors
and your fellow audience members by being attentive and observing the general
guidelines below.

Dress Code

We have no official “dress code” for attending plays at the Shakespeare
Theatre Company. Our patrons usually dress in business casual attire for most
performances and in formal business attire for Opening Nights. We’d rather
have a patron come in jeans than not come at all out of concern for how they
are dressed.

Before you go inside the theatre:

  • Turn off your cell phone and any other electronic devices (iPods,
    Blackberries, etc.), or better yet, leave them in coat check. The light and
    noise from cell phones and other electronic devices is a big distraction,
    so please, no text messaging. Cameras and other recording devices are not
    permitted in the theatre.
  • Leave all food in the coat check, or dispose of it before entering the
    theatre. NO food is allowed inside the theatre, beverages with
    a lid and straw are permitted. Dispose of all gum.
  • Visit the restroom before the performance begins. Unless
    there is an emergency, plan to stay seated during the performance.

During the performance:

  • React to what’s happening on stage.  Please
    feel free to have honest reactions to what is happening onstage. You can
    laugh, applaud and enjoy the performance. However, please don’t talk
    during the performance; it is extremely distracting to other audience members
    and the actors. Save discussions for intermission and after the performance.
  • Wait until Intermission to search through your purse or
    bag—you may be making more noise than you think.
  • Do not leave early. Parking can be difficult, but leaving
    during the performance is disruptive to the audience and actors.