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Michael Kahn Letter

Photograph of Michael Kahn, Artistic Director

"The actor who can perform the classics with confidence — who can meet the technical demands of performing classical dramatic texts — can perform anything. To best develop the necessary skills to succeed in this challenging discipline, where the full range of an actor's abilities are brought into use, students must train in an environment wholly devoted to the classics. While many other schools offer a three-year MFA in acting with limited attention given to classical theatre, the ACA provides students the only one-year program that focuses exclusively on training to perform the works of Shakespeare and other classical playwrights. These texts are works of tremendous complexity — and there is a need for actors able to handle the formidable challenges of performing these plays. The ACA's home is a theatre devoted to the works of Shakespeare and the playwrights he influenced; its faculty comprises working professionals and experienced teachers who specialize in this demanding material; its mission is to preserve classical theatre in this country through rigorous training. In short, the ACA is entirely dedicated to training tomorrow's classical actors today."

Michael Kahn

Artistic Director, Shakespeare Theatre Company