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Shakespearience FAQ

Q: How much are tickets?
A: There is a range in ticket prices based on the percentage of free and reduced priced lunches at the school. For specific information about ticket prices for your school, please contact the Education Hotline at 202.547.5688.

Q: How can my school pay for the tickets?
A: Schools can pay via check or credit card. Checks should be made out to Shakespeare Theatre Company and sent to 516 8th Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003.

Q: What if I need to add or decrease the number of tickets I need?
A: We realize that the number of students attending may change as the performance date approaches. All requests to change the order after the original contract is issued must be made in writing and before the final payment is due. Changes are subject to the approval of the theatre and will not be accepted once final payment is submitted.

Q: Will the performance be appropriate for my students?
A: Each show has a recommended age assigned to it. If there is any questionable content that comes up during the rehearsal process, the Community Engagement Manager will notify the group leader and they can make the decision of whether or not to cancel the ticket reservation.

Q: Where do the performances take place?
A: Sidney Harman Hall and the Lansburgh Theatre are located in Penn Quarter in downtown Washington, D.C. Buses should drop off the students in front of the theatre. A Shakespeare Theatre Company representative will greet you on the bus. There is no place for the buses to park at this location.
Directions to the theatres can be found on our website.

Q: Is there a place for buses to park?
A: There is no place for buses to park at the theatres. Buses should drop off students in front of the theatre and pick them back up there for dismissal. Additional information about time of dismissal will be communicated to the group leader as the performance date approaches.

Q: How do we get our tickets?
A: We do not hand out physical tickets for the SHAKESPEARIENCE Student Matinee performances. The group leader should check in with the STC representative in the lobby of the theatre and give a final count of the group. School groups will be seated by STC staff.

Q. Where will we be sitting?
A: Groups will be seated at the discretion of STC staff based on their arrival time and the number of tickets reserved. Chaperones can help this process move along by dispersing themselves throughout the group and helping students line up prior to entering the theatre.

Q: How long do the performances last?
A: Each play has a different duration. In general, the play and post-performance talkback with the actors will last no longer than three (3) hours. Please plan accordingly with your transportation provider. The Community Engagement Manager will be in touch with a more accurate runtime as your specific performance date gets closer.

Q: What do you expect of chaperones?
A: Chaperones are responsible for their students at all times, including arrival, during the performance, intermission and dismissal. During the performance, chaperones should be seated throughout the group to help maintain good theatre etiquette. Students will not be permitted to leave the building without a chaperone. Chaperones should be aware of their students at all times. If a chaperone needs assistance at any time, please contact a staff member.

Q: Will there be a place for students to put their backpacks and coats?
A: Due to the large number of students who attend our student matinees, we will be using coat check only to store snacks and lunches. Students should plan to keep their coats with them and leave all bags, etc. on the bus or at school.

Q: Will there be an intermission?
A: For most shows, there will be one 15-minute intermission.

Q: What happens during intermission?
A: This time should be used for bathroom/water breaks, eating a snack if necessary and stretching. There is not enough time and/or space for students to eat their entire lunch during intermission.

Q: Will there be food on sale during intermission?
A: Snacks including pretzels, chocolate chip cookies and bottled water will be available for purchase during intermission. All snacks cost $2 each. Please remind your students to bring cash if they want to buy a snack.

Q: Can we bring our own food to the matinee?
A: If your students are bringing snacks or lunches with them, please bring a large box or bag to store them in. Please write the name of your school on your box or bag in magic marker. If you are taking Metro and are unable to bring a box with you, please let me know and we will provide one. The bins will be placed in the lobbies for you to find during intermission.

Q: What happens during the post-performance talkback?
A: Immediately following the performance, the Community Engagement Manager will come out and speak with the students. They will participate in a brief activity about the play until the actors come out. Students will then have the opportunity to ask the actors questions.

Q: What if, because of time, my school cannot stay for the talkback with the actors?
A: If you are unable to stay for the talkback, please leave quickly and quietly. If your students have questions about the performance, you can email them to the Community Engagement Manager.

Q: Is there a dress code at the theatre?
A: We have no official dress code for attending plays at the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Q: What is the purpose of the pre-performance workshop?
A: The purpose of the pre-performance workshop is to prepare your students for our production. teaching artists will lead your students in a plot synopsis game in which they will act out the entire plot, guide them in an activity that deals with some of the themes and/or language in the play and discuss theatre etiquette.

Q: Will one of the actors in the play be available to visit my classroom for the pre-performance workshop?
A: Unfortunately because of the rehearsal schedule, actors in the play are unable to visit individual classrooms. The pre-performance workshops will be taught by STC’s affiliated teaching artists who are freelance teachers and actors all around the D.C. metro area.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the First Folio Teacher and Student Resource Guide?
A: All of the First Folio Guides can be found on our website: