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Poppets Ages 7-8

Current Grades 1st – 2nd


Poppets will be introduced to Shakespeare through imagination and performance. With a variety of theatre games, art projects and creative play, Poppets will explore Shakespeare’s stories. Camp will culminate at the end of the day on Friday with a sharing for friends and family.

Washington, DC

Session AReserve

July 11 – July 15
Twelfth Night
Music, love, laughter and merry deception mingle in one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies.
STC Rehearsal Studios

Session BReserve

July 18 – July 22
Witches’ prophecies lead to endless tragedy for Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and all who disrupt their ambitions to be King and Queen of Scotland.
STC Rehearsal Studios

Session CReserve

July 25 – July 29
The Tempest
A shipwreck on a magical island leads to reconciliation, love and forgiveness in this comedic tale.
STC Rehearsal Studios

Session DReserve

August 1 – August 5
After his father dies, Prince Hamlet discovers his uncle murdered him to become king. What will Hamlet do to make things right?
STC Rehearsal Studios

Session EReserve

August 8 – August 12
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Shakespeare’s classic story of bickering lovers, a kingdom of fairies, and some rude mechanicals who just want to put on a play.
STC Rehearsal Studios

Session FReserve

August 15 – August 19
Romeo & Juliet
The feud between two families results in the most tragic love story ever told.
STC Rehearsal Studios