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The central mission of the Shakespeare Theatre Company Education Department is to deepen understanding of, appreciation for and connection to classic theatre in diverse learners of all ages through accessible programs that celebrate multiple perspectives.

We seek to fulfill this mission through strengthening our collaborations with schools locally and nationally, engaging in scholarly dialogue with community and audience members, and increasing our use of technology.


We seek to empower learners to think critically, question freely, share openly and engage in an ongoing exploration of Shakespeare.


Craftsmanship: STC Education believes in an ongoing study and practice of Shakespeare and his work. Learners of all ages will emerge with an understanding of Shakespeare’s craftsmanship that is characterized by the intentionality, physicality and clarity unique to our American style of performing Shakespeare.

Relevancy: STC Education believes that learners of all ages can form meaningful connections between classic texts and the human experience through classroom engagement, performances, publications and programming.

Critical Thinking: STC Education believes enlightened learners of all ages question without fear, inspire dialogue and challenge established ideas while evoking new and inventive thought.

Access: STC Education believes its active participation in our community is essential. To that end, we are committed to building communal connections, engaging learners of all ages and connecting diverse cultures to one another and the world through the power of theatre and educational opportunities.